You can join us for Ludo Tournament.

Timings will be updated on website.

If you are already an user you will get the information through whatsapp.

play n win

How to play – For Real Cash Winning

You have to join with entry fee amount, other user will also pay the same amount depend on the tournament winning prize.

You can invite your friend or family to play along with you. Or you can choose to play with real time users.

You can play in (2 Players) or (4 Players) groups.

Final winning amount will be credited to the winner within 24 Hrs.

Rules for Elimination –

If you don’t play, idle or auto play and your moves will be over then you will be out of the game. So play fast and don’t skip the chance.

If you have any internet, data or connectivity issues, hanged or switched off phone then also you will eliminated.

No arguments or discussions will be entertained due to any fault or you are unhappy with the final decisions.

Winner –

If any player declared as a winner then the decision will be remain final.

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